Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Register your Vote in Pakistan

How to Check your Vote Status?

  • Simply send your CNIC (without dashes) to 8300
  • Example: Send “3740541882200” to 8300

You will soon receive a reply with following information:
  • Your CNIC Number
  • Electoral Area, i.e. District, Tehsil and city/town/village
  • Block Code
  • Serial Number

Note: Reply message is likely to have words in Urdu (unicode). You may not be able to read the text message if your phone doesn’t support unicode.
Election Commission said that it has purposefully not included the voters’ name and home address to avoid any privacy violations.
  • SMS sent to 8300 will be charged @ Rs. 2 plus tax

Cast Your Vote for Change Vote For Pakistan

If you want change in Pakistan do cast your vote in 2013 election. Cast your vote to bring change in Pakistan. Cast your vote for yourself and vote for Pakistan. Now you can also cast your vote online on