Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ex-President Musharraf Summoned By SC

Supreme Court Wednesday summoned former president Pervez Musharraf
during hearing of the judges' case in the apex court .Supreme Court
Summons Musharraf

The court has issued notice to the former president when the
federation categorically refused to defend him in the court.

Chief Justice of Pakistan heading the 14-judges larger bench Wednesday
earlier asked questions from the Advocate General about making the
former president Pervez Musharraf a party with regard to the steps
taken on Nov 3, 2007.

The Chief Justice asked from Hamid Khan Advocate whether the former
president Musharraf can be summoned in the court.

In his remarks the CJP said that determining the responsibility of the
steps taken on Nov 3, 2007 is necessary.

Mumbai attacks suspect admits guilt, speaks about indoctrination

The lone surviving gunman in the Mumbai attacks pleaded guilty
Monday and gave a detailed account of the plot and his role in the
rampage that left 166 people dead and paralyzed the city for three

The confession was a big boost to India's claims that terrorist
groups in Pakistan were behind the attack, and that Islamabad was not
doing enough to clamp down on them. Pakistan has acknowledged the
Mumbai attacks were partly plotted on its soil, severely straining
relations between the nuclear-armed archrivals.

In a verbal statement, Ajmal Kasab described his group's journey
from Karachi, Pakistan on a boat, their subsequent landing in Mumbai
on Nov. 26, and his assault on a railway station and a hospital with a
comrade he identified as Abu Ismail.

Swat Taliban leader vows to seize assets of pro-army 'traitors' - Adnkronos Security

Pakistan: Swat Taliban leader vows to seize assets of pro-army
'traitors' - Adnkronos Security: "Mingora, 21 July (AKI) - By Syed
Saleem Shahzad - As thousands of people continued to return to
Pakistan's troubled northwest Swat region, local Taliban chief Mullah
Fazlullah vowed to seize property belonging to families who have
backed the ongoing military operation in Swat.

Militant sources told Adnkronos International they have been waiting
for the refugees to return to Swat so they can use them as human
shields against the military.

The militants have also been waiting for the onset of winter when
snowfalls will cut off military supplies, the sources said

"Once these two things happen, militants will once again occupy 90
percent of the valley," a militant told AKI.

According to the Pakistani military, more than 2,000 Taliban have been
killed and the local Taliban have been completely defeated in the
three-month-long offensive to quash insurgents in the restive region.

Some three million people fled the conflict, which began earlier this
year in Swat district and spread to the neighbouring districts of
Buner and Lower Dir. Militants are fighting to introduce strict
Islamic law in Swat and several surrounding areas."...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Watch Live final test match between Pakistan Vs Srilanka 3rd test

Fina test match is not important to win because Pakistani team already
lose 2 matches and the Srilankans team win the series. any how the
Pakistani team need to win 3rd because of Nation.Nation have more
expectation for the team lets see whats gone a happen.we are giving
Live stream of the match
as soon as match is started the link is shown on the site for
cricketer lover to watch the live match

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Electromagnetic Radiations from Electrical Appliances around us

A Scientist(James Pares U.k) Proved that electric charge is produced
in human body due to the electromagnetic radiations from electrical
appliances around us such as: Mobile, TV ,Computer,Lights, And
Electric Wires Etc)& If u want to protect your self..from these
radiations, u should more than once in a day place your Forehead on
the Ground (SAJDA) because earth has a good Tendency 2 Absorb charges.
Quran Says:
"Aur Tum Apnay RAB Ki Kon Kon Si
Naimat Ko Jutlao Gay"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zardari admits terrorism nurtured by govt for tactical use

ISLAMABAD: In an astonishingly candid admission - a first by any
Pakistani head of state - president Asif Ali Zardari has admitted
militants and
terrorists were wilfully created by past Pakistani governments and
nurtured as a policy to achieve tactical objectives.

``Militants and extremists emerged on the national scene and
challenged the state not because the civil bureaucracy was weakened
and demoralized but because they were deliberately created and
nurtured as a policy to achieve short-term tactical objectives. Let's
be truthful and make a candid admission of the reality,'' he said at a
gathering of civil servants in Islamabad on Tuesday night.

``The terrorists of today were heroes of yesteryear until 9/11
occurred and they began to haunt us as well,'' Zardari said,
emphasising that Pakistan can't be left alone at this stage of the war
on terror. He also pointedly said that the future generations won't
forgive the current leadership if it does not take corrective

India has long charged Pakistan with sponsoring terrorism in Kashmir
by providing arms, ammunition and training to the militants who have
been engaged in a war of secession. Zardari's admission is bound to
create a major flutter in Islamabad, particularly within the Army,
which has historically been the author of Pakistan's India policy.

``Pakistan is a frontline state in the war against terror and we have
pledged to eliminate this scourge. I have taken charge of the country
at a difficult time and will meet the challenges facing the country,''
he said.

Criticising former military rulers of Pakistan - in itself an act of
derring-do - Zardari said concentration of power in one individual was
against the spirit of democracy and good governance; power must be
dispersed. ``Too much power in one hand lasts for a short time,'' he
said. ``For power to be effectively used for long lasting public good,
it must be dispersed as widely as possible,'' he added.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A top Taliban Leaders in Pakistan is buying or selling children for suicide bombings

Pakistani official said that A top Taliban leaders in Pakistan is
buying and selling children for suicide bombings, Pakistani and U.S.
officials said.
Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has been greatly use the children in
attack the officials said A video released by Pakistan's military
shows the children training for the task In the video of a training
camp, children can be seen killing and going through exercises.
Pakistani military officials said. Some of the children are as young
as 11, the officials said.

"He has been been admitting he holds a training center for young boys,
for preparing them for suicide bombing
So he is on record saying all this, accepting these crimes," said
Major General Akhtar Abbas, spokesman for the Pakistani army

The young suicide bombers may be able to reach targets unnoticed, the
military said.

"If he is approaching on foot, there is a possibility he will bypass
security," Abbas said. "In certain areas, there is a possibility in
the population centers everyone can not be checked physically, so he
can create havoc there."

Make bikes with old Transistors

We have got here a great use for old transistors & Integrated circuit. You just need to solder a few of these together & we have some interesting bikes.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First JF-17 Thunder built in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has started assembling of the first
Pakistani-built JF-17 Thunder multirole combat aircraft today .

Chief of the air staff, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman
inaugurated the construction in a ceremony at Kamra.

Top military and civilian officials of Pakistan and China attended the ceremony.

This success will enhance Pakistan's air power in the region and at
international scale, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman said.

He lauded the efforts of the engineers and technicians in the making
of the aircraft.

He also commended the Chinese cooperation and said that the joint
Sino-Pak project is a living example of the cooperation between the
two countries.

The first operational squadron of JF-17s is set to fully enter service
by the end of the year.

Bomb Blast in DIK, One killed

A man killed and another injured in a blast at Kotli Imam Hussain area
of Dera Ismail Khan on Wednesday.

A police van was the target of the attack near Kotli Imam Hussain, an
Imambargah and graveyard in DIK.

According to a report it was a remote-controlled bomb attack.

The injured and dead body were transferred to hospital. The police van
partially damaged in the blast but the policemen in it remain