Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mumbai attacks suspect admits guilt, speaks about indoctrination

The lone surviving gunman in the Mumbai attacks pleaded guilty
Monday and gave a detailed account of the plot and his role in the
rampage that left 166 people dead and paralyzed the city for three

The confession was a big boost to India's claims that terrorist
groups in Pakistan were behind the attack, and that Islamabad was not
doing enough to clamp down on them. Pakistan has acknowledged the
Mumbai attacks were partly plotted on its soil, severely straining
relations between the nuclear-armed archrivals.

In a verbal statement, Ajmal Kasab described his group's journey
from Karachi, Pakistan on a boat, their subsequent landing in Mumbai
on Nov. 26, and his assault on a railway station and a hospital with a
comrade he identified as Abu Ismail.

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