Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A top Taliban Leaders in Pakistan is buying or selling children for suicide bombings

Pakistani official said that A top Taliban leaders in Pakistan is
buying and selling children for suicide bombings, Pakistani and U.S.
officials said.
Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has been greatly use the children in
attack the officials said A video released by Pakistan's military
shows the children training for the task In the video of a training
camp, children can be seen killing and going through exercises.
Pakistani military officials said. Some of the children are as young
as 11, the officials said.

"He has been been admitting he holds a training center for young boys,
for preparing them for suicide bombing
So he is on record saying all this, accepting these crimes," said
Major General Akhtar Abbas, spokesman for the Pakistani army

The young suicide bombers may be able to reach targets unnoticed, the
military said.

"If he is approaching on foot, there is a possibility he will bypass
security," Abbas said. "In certain areas, there is a possibility in
the population centers everyone can not be checked physically, so he
can create havoc there."

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