Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nishat Group Mian Muhammad Mansha said i will bring more annual investment in Pakistan than what will be gained through Kerry-Lugar aid bill

KARACHI: The Chairman of an independent Nishat Group Mian Muhammad Mansha who owns the MCB Bank, becoming critic of Kerry-Lugar bill, has said Wednesday, I can bring more annual investment in Pakistan than what will be gained through Kerry-Lugar aid bill.


But he conditioned the influx of heavy investment in country with the support of government if extended for the development of private sector in Pakistan.


This Mansha stated at the inauguration ceremony of induction of Nishat Power Company (NPC) in Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) here early on Wednesday morning.


On the occasion, he said the delay in the merger of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) is caused by regulators which has cost account holders a lot.

He expected the merger of two banks by the end of coming week, saying Nishat Group is pioneer among Pakistani private giants, which will own foreign banks for the first time.

Moreover he said, our economy has started witnessing growth and can be further improved if we consider prices of our commodities.

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