Thursday, May 20, 2010

Facebook Last 2 Days Loss Reaches Up to 2 Billions Euro, Source BBC News

Facebook Last 2 Days Losses Reach Up to 2 Billions Euro, Source BBC News If it Will Continue For More than 7 Day it would Reach to 40 Billion Euros.

Facebook Drawn Muhammad (S.W.A) Day, Page Hacked By Turkish Muslim Hackers.Muslim Ummah Will Always Love Prophat Muhammad (S.W.A).

Facebook Revenue From Pakistan

Facebook Earning $11000000000
Facebook Users 4609,221,00
Per User Earning $2.9
Pakistani Users 2349620
Total Revenue From Us $ 5,631,281,29= 461,765,066Pkr
Pakistan Revenue 47.5% of Facebook Earning = $517,000,000
A Pakistani court today banned the use of Facebook in Pakistan until May 31. The ban was in response to a Facebook page called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” to be held Thursday.

Pakistan is blocking access to Facebook in response to an online group calling on people to draw the Prophet Mohammed, officials said Wednesday.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority issued the order a day before “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day,” scheduled by a Facebook group with the same name, because of “the objectionable material” on the social networking site, said Khoram Ali Mehran of the telecommunication authority.

“We have blocked it for an indefinite amount of time. We are just following the government’s instructions and the ruling of the Lahore High Court. If the government decides to unblock it then that’s what we will do,” he said.

The organization has not received any complaints from internet users about the Facebook group so far, he said. Devout Muslims consider it offensive to depict Mohammed.

The idea of “Draw Mohammad Day” originated with a cartoonist who has since distanced herself from the idea, Sulpovar and Hooper said.

“The whole campaign has been taken up by Muslim-bashers and Islamophobes,” Hooper said.

Sulpovar denied being anti-Muslim.

“This extends beyond being able to draw Mohammad,” she said. “If it’s offensive to you, that’s fine, but I don’t feel it’s right to impose your belief on others through intimidation.

“This is nothing to do with hate or bigotry,” she said. “Nobody is inciting violence or preaching open hatred towards individuals.”

Sulpovar said she is not a Muslim but added that she had received “hundreds of e-mails from people trying to explain this to me.”

One group member said she saw anger and fear on both sides of the controversy but felt that free speech could not be compromised.

“This is a hot-topic debate, but so is abortion, illegal immigrants, gay marriage and politics. If we allow even a small compromise for one group, then the free speech on topics like abortion, illegal immigrants and politics can also be censored based on accusations that they cause violence or hate,” Autumn Meadows said on CNN’s iReport.

“Hate speech is wanting a group eradicated, physically harmed or dead. I don’t think drawing Mohammed falls under that category,” she said.

“Islam is not above criticism or cartoons. I believe in equality, and censoring Mohammed while we can draw every other figure in the world does not equal equality,” she said.

Facebook is investigating the block, said Debbie Frost, the company’s director of global communications.

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