Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exhibition of feminist paintings at NAG

An exhibition of paintings by six female artists opened on Saturday at Nomad Art Gallery (NAG).

Work of some artists is gender-oriented as they immaculately captured the difficulties faced by women in a male chauvinist society.

There were more than 23 paintings on display including cityscapes, landscapes, abstract art, pencil, ink and oil work on canvas. The art lovers complimented the paintings.

The artists who participated in the exhibition include Samina Ali, Samreen Asif, Faiza Khan, Tabassam Rizvi, Sadia Hussain and Nasreen Aurangzeb.

In her paintings, Samina Ali showed activities of Mughal court with maturity. Samreen Asif used the brush to highlight discriminations against women. “In present circumstances, a Pakistani women cannot be able to get the status she deserves because she is struggling alone,” she said.

Faiza Khan’s abstract art pieces showed intense human emotions and nature. “I have taken inspiration from nature and I am very much fascinated by intense human emotions,” she said.

She said, “Wonder is as important to me as life.”

Sadia Hussain’s abstract art pieces were influenced by compassion and discrimination that she had to endure right from early childhood. “My work is a representation of my life,” she said.

Tabassam Rizvi and Nasreen Aurangzeb painted the difficulties faced by women in the society. They immaculately captured hard work of rural women and indifference attitude of the society. staff report

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