Friday, May 8, 2009

Samsung Omnia Pro Coming in July 2009

Samsung is quite replace to draw near up through a unused touch
conceal handset this July 2009. Named for the reason that the Samsung
Omnia Pro, it demise be based without ceasing Windows Mobile 6.1 OS,
be favored by a QWERTY keyboard that devise glide used up. The
foregoing Ominas from Samsung, the i900 and the Omnia HD based in
succession WinMo and Symbian respectrively did not gain a pertaining
to physics keyboard. So the new Omnia Pro has more multifariousness to
the degree that compared to these brace phones. Other features of the
Omnia Pro, comprehend AMOLED 3.5 twelfth part of a foot WVGA unfold, 5
mega pixel snapper with auto foucs, gleam, figurative expression
stabilizer, and video recording functionality. This handset is not
been confirmed by the agency of Samsung bound the before anything else
rumor almost this phone came forward a Italian blog dedicated to
Samsung. There is nay verification from one place to another to what
degree the phone will exist turned, thus the prototype originator has
happy used his/her photoshop skills to describe the Samsung Omnia Pro.

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