Sunday, May 10, 2009

President Zardari said India is not a threat to Pakistan

Asif Ali Zardari President of Pakistan has said that India is not a
threat to Pakistan and it is facing danger from the terrorists inside
the country.

"Well, I am already on record. I have never considered India a
threat," Zardari said in interviews to various TV channels here in New
York on Sunday.

"I have always considered India as a neighbor, which we want to
improve our relationship with. We have had some cold times and we have
had some hard times with them. We have gone to war thrice, but
democracies are always trying to improve relationships," Zardari said.

Last month, at a White House press conference held on the occasion of
completing 100 days in office, Obama had said that Pakistan's
perception about India being a 'threat' was 'misguided'.

While responding to the question about moving troops from Indian
border to the tribal areas of Pakistan to fight the war against
terrorism, Zardari said, "Pakistan has already done so."

In an interview to CNN on Friday, Zardari had said Pakistan has
already moved troops from the Indian border and would do more based on
the requirement.

"The fact is that we have moved more troops today and yesterday and
the day before. We moved them according to the requirement," he said.

"We already have 125,000 personnel there. So when we need to replace
them, we need to improve upon their strength, we do that," Zardari
said in response to a question.

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