Thursday, June 25, 2009

Miss Out On Your Facebook Vanity URL? Here’s Your Consolation Prize.

When Facebook's Vanity URL landrush kicked off nearly two weeks ago,
over 500,000 people registered their new names in a matter of 15
minutes. Over the following weekend, nearly 6 million users staked
their claims. The most desirable names, like 'Jason' or 'Mike', were
snapped up in a matter of seconds (if they weren't already registered
by a Facebook employee before the landrush even began). Needless to
say, a lot of people were left in the dust, forced to settle for
something other than the vanity URL they'd been dreaming of for weeks.

Well, if you're a member of the unlucky masses, here's your chance to
get the name you've always wanted. Sort of.

Developer Alex Gonzalez of Branch Interactive has put together an
application that will allow you to to generate a Facebook application
in your name, giving you the URL So instead of, I would be
Sure, it has the four extra letters designating it as a Facebook
application, but it's hardly an eyesore.

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